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Recent Telecom Changes Shine Light on the Future of Business Communications

Aug 14, 2017

Recent Telecom changes

In the Unified Communications world, we’ve all been experiencing quite a bit of recent change that I feel should be addressed and to cast a light on what it means for our future.

Be it M&A (Merger and Acquisition) activity, innovation around IOT, needs for application integration or just the ferocious pace that more and more technology gets thrown at us all, the only thing that remains consistent is change. 

Unfortunately keeping up with it all for most businesses, including our own, tends to get a little complicated.  Being stubborn or simply looking the other way when change is consistently knocking at our door is going to lead to undesired consequences more times than not. 

However, the question is not just about what is changing, but how will the changes shape our future?

Avaya is Back

I’ll start first with eating a little crow with a previous post that I published about Avaya clients needing to evaluate the future.  I stated when companies file for Chapter 11 two things happen, either they come back stronger or they turn to dust.

News released over the past two weeks demonstrates I placed the wrong bet.

For those not aware, there is now a plan for them to exit Chapter 11 soon i.e. this year. Avaya will come back soon as a publicly traded company with next to no debt and with an entirely new leadership team. 

Exiting the Chapter 11 scenario makes them a formidable player again in UC.  I believe this change is good for the future of the industry even if it adds competition to us. 

Avaya exiting Chapter 11 with a brand that is well established will help push the envelope of others in the UC industry, regardless if the companies are deploying Cloud, Premise or Hybrid.  A couple of key elements that are going to be a driving force for them will be expanding the cloud MRR offerings as well as the launch of Zang announced in 2016 as a CPaaS player. 

Mitel Acquires ShoreTel

MitelIn the same two-week period of these Avaya announcements, we were provided huge industry news that Mitel will be acquiring ShoreTel.  Mitel was a fierce rival we’ve battled for years as a ShoreTel reseller. 

It’s forced us here at Converged to change more so than what we already had planned. With this acquisition, Mitel vaulted to the #2 UC provider doubling down on a huge international presence and two highly innovative product offerings of both cloud and premise along with well-established partner channel and clients. 

Changes in the CPaaS Arena

SummitAcquiring Summit, ShoreTel’s CPaaS platform acquired in Dec 2015 from Corvisa out of Milwaukee, gives Mitel muscle not many have, not to mention a rock-solid SIP delivery model offering.

Cisco, a long-standing leader in the technology space (a company that you may have heard of at some point) completed their acquisition of Tropo in May 2015, putting forward a CPaaS play that will force many other UC providers to catch up. 

VonageVonage, yes that residential internet based phone company that dominated every other television commercial back when cable TV was a thing, is now a formidable UC provider. They have transitioned significantly and impressively to become a business UC company to watch and consider in these changing times.  

One of the interesting plays Vonage has that other pure cloud providers don’t is... guess what? Yep, CPaaS.

Technology Service Integrators 

The communications industry must adapt to change considering how fast technology is advancing.  As a technology services integrator, we too must be perceptive to change. Cisco, Mitel, Vonage, and Avaya are going to continue to competitively innovate by finding new ways that businesses communications will evolve in this ever-changing environment.

These market leaders didn't drop the money on these investments simply to be labeled innovative; they do it to put themselves in a leadership position.

It’s our job as your IT partner to understand these new technologies and to keep you informed of the positive changes this means for businesses like yours.

Change is Good 

When you look at what is going on it is an interesting time we are presently in.  The future is bright and no doubt the landscape will continue to change. The key for you and your business is understanding why these changes are taking place. 

The key for technology partners like Converged Technology Professionals Inc. is to continue to have a seat at the table with these innovators and to form more strategic so we can help you get where you need to go. 

Choosing the right technology integrator is only going to become more important while those who are slow to adapt will eventually fade away.  

We are excited about the change ahead, and you should be too!

If you’re looking for ways to ensure your business technology needs are equipped with the future in mind, contact us today!


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