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Mass Emergency Notification
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The use of unified communication applications is crucial to improving efficiency and productivity within your workforce.  However, for many businesses there is also a need for incorporating notification and alert systems to address safety, security, and routine communication needs.

The Revolution platform by Syn-Apps integrates with Mitel (of whom we are a Platinum Mitel Partner), enabling organizations and businesses to implement a unified notification solution designed to notify and alert recipients with on-the-fly, pre-scheduled or immediate mass emergency communications.  

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Sending Mass Notifications

When you need to get a message out to the people you are trying to reach, mass notification technology  is what you will want to use.  

Revolution uses mass notification functionality to broadcast messages across a wide range of communication mediums such as IP desk phones, mobile devices, facility or other alert systems, digital signage, speakers and through the use of loud horns.  

Mass Emergency Alerts

When an emergency occurs, such as a natural disaster, active shooter, chemical spill, or other situation, response time becomes a critical component to protecting those in harm’s way.  

Revolution can be programmed to respond based on manual or automated triggers and also by external early-warning systems.   With features like one-touch lock-downs, panic buttons or silent alarms, you can further protect your business and the people you employ when rapid response time is imperative.



Non-Emergency, Daily or Routine Notifications 

Mass notification solutions can also be used for non-emergency daily communications within your organization or business.  Revolution uses a scheduler tool that helps automate routine tasks allowing staff to have more time to focus on other responsibilities.

For example, the scheduler tool can send non-emergency information to those near your facility. Examples could be schedule and appointment listings, early closings, or other notifications that benefit employees, patients, staff, students or others nearby.

Integrate with Mitel IP Phone Systems for Your Mass Notifications 

Revolution integrates with the Mitel phone and unified communications systems.   This means extended deliverability to all endpoints with interoperability, meaning you don’t have to duplicate notification system communications and processes between your phone/UC applications and the Revolution platform. 

Instead, you can use Revolution to send out messages, notifications, or alerts through the IP systems you already have in place.

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Who Uses Mass Notifications?

Mass notification tools such as Revolution are used by multiple organizations and businesses such as K-12 schools, college campuses, school districts, medical facilities, manufacturing, government agencies, and many more.  

Mass notification technologies are a powerful tool designed for protecting and enabling your business or organization to communicate quickly and efficiently whether for the purpose of early warning alerts, emergency notifications, or daily routine communications.   

The Revolution notification platform is a single easy to use out-of-the-box integration with both software and hardware to deliver the resources you need to get started. 

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Mass notification communications is about utilizing strategic multi-channel processes to communicate quickly and strategically for your immediate and future needs.   

As a Platinum Mitel Partner, we help you do exactly that.

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