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5 Major Benefits of Unified Communications

5 Major Benefits of Unified Communications


Flexibility is a crucial component for adapting to a changing landscape.   

On-premise services can't be picked up and moved, nor can they adjust to the demands of modern businesses that need to empower a mobile workforce. Current events brought that reality to the forefront of business communication, spelling it out in glaring capital letters.  

That brings us to the real question- is your organization flexible enough to adapt?   

If you're looking into implementing a cloud-based unified communications (UC) platform like RingCentral or 8x8, the answer to that question is yes.   

UC is an excellent solution for companies that want their workforce to stay connected from anywhere—on location, at home, or on the go—not just in times of crisis. UC can also save you money, improve employee efficiency, and help you to stay competitive in today's marketplace.   

Here are the top 5 benefits of moving your on-premises PBX to the cloud: 

UC Service is Reliable  

While traditional PBX's haven't changed much in the last 20+ years, the cloud delivers excellent voice and video quality in a variety of working environments. That's because they're built on state-of-the-art, modern technologies that use any internet connection- whether it’s mobile, broadband or WIFI. 

Another reason for such great call quality is redundancy. In a nutshell, redundancy means multiple backup data center hosts are handling your calling if the primary goes down. Your provider isn't relying on one source to keep your services running—this is a massive advantage over on-site PBX. Fires, floods, or phoneline failures are a thing of the past when you're operating through a cloud-based system.  

Additionally, cloud-based platforms come with a guarantee. Your contract, called a service level agreement (SLA), states that your provider compensates you if downtime exceeds your SLA terms. This is incredibly important because it's in their best interest to provide the most reliable service possible.  

Remember, your platform runs off your internet service, which is your responsibility. That said, your team doesn't have to miss a beat if your internet goes down. You can access your UC tools on any device from anywhere with an internet connection.  

UC Service is Secure  

With UC, you no longer have to manage cumbersome security updates. Your service provider handles them automatically as it's their system running the platform.  

We know what you're thinking—how trustworthy is their system?   

Providers partner with security specialists to offer encrypted environments that are certified to industry standards. For example, HITRUST delivers the gold standard of data safety in the UC industry and it’s a protocol that every vendor is working towards achieving. For companies that exchange and store sensitive data, HITRUST manages risk and measures compliance down to the industry level, such as HIPAA, ISO, and NIST.  

UC Service is Easy to Manage  

What took hours before in PBX management can now be accomplished in minutes. Modern platforms allow you to quickly add features, users, and customize your system with a few clicks right from one program.   

Because your equipment is web-based and managed by the provider, there are fewer headaches for your IT department. That means no more coordinating equipment repairs. Plus, they're able to work faster and smarter, implementing changes and solving issues without traveling to multiple locations.   

Thus, with UC platforms meeting the needs of business ebbs and flows is no longer an issue, as scalability is more manageable, too. Your IT manager can add or delete users and features quickly as the landscape dictates.  

PBX to Cloud Migration Guide Download

UC Service is Highly Cost-Effective  

We want to be transparent here. While set-up fees are involved when moving to the cloud initially, the savings you'll see in years 2, 3, and beyond can be substantial.   

For one, you'll save on hardware costs and maintenance fees since you're no longer managing your equipment on-site. Gone are your installation charges, repair costs, and spending on upkeep, which will also lower your electricity consumption, saving you money there as well.   

UC providers typically charge monthly fees set per seat or user, while on-site telephony services are generally charged by the location. Thus, if your company operates from 15 different buildings, you won't need 15 on-site equipment packages, each incurring its own fees, costs, and maintenance. Those savings can really add up over time and reduce your fixed expenses by as much as 70%.  

One final factor to consider in the cost category is that cloud-based phone systems offer a ton of upgraded calling, productivity, and collaboration features at no extra charge. Feature updates roll out regularly, so your business can stay on the cutting edge without looking for “the next big thing” 3-5 years down the road.  

UC Service is a Better Experience  

Your team and customers both benefit when you switch to a unified communications platform. Productivity, efficiency, collaboration, connectedness, and enhanced user experience contribute to increased satisfaction levels and better business outcomes overall.  

Employee Engagement  

Through a unified communications platform, employees have the tools they need to keep them satisfied with their jobs, boosting efficiency, productivity, and connectivity:  

  • Work from anywhere there's internet service on any device  

  • One app access to voice, video, messaging, and more  

  • Collaborative atmosphere enables solutions in real-time  

  • Aligned experience for all team members regardless of location  

  • Enhanced training and support through results-oriented analytics  

Customer Engagement  

With your team's increased effectiveness comes a better customer experience:  

  • Higher team efficiency leads to improved productivity and lower wait times for customers  

  • When your workforce has the resources needed at their fingertips, you'll see more first call resolutions  

  • Intuitive features provide customer histories for a more personalized experience  

There you have it—the numerous benefits to moving away from an on-site PBX system into the cloud. You'll save money while giving your employees all the tools they need to succeed, also ensuring your business is poised to move into the future with a modern communications system that'll grow with your business.  

To learn more about unified communications and the many benefits they provide your business, contact us today.


5 Major Benefits of Unified Communications

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