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Why Manufacturers Are Moving to Hybrid Communications


Why Manufacturers Are Moving to Hybrid Communications


Manufacturers rely on communications systems more extensively than almost every other industry. Your workforce needs to reach each other across teams, plants and various office locations multiple times per day. Additionally, you must keep reliable phone lines open for sales and customer support teams. But what PBX strategy should you trust with these critical demands? 

You may feel comfortable sticking with your on-premise PBX system. Or perhaps, a modern cloud solution may seem enticing. But have you thought of taking a hybrid approach? Here are the pros for each type of communications strategy and how a hybrid model can serve manufacturing needs effectively.

The Pros of On-Premise PBX

Many manufacturers may want to stay with their on-premise PBX systems. Why? It’s because of the stability of their phone lines in highly location-dependent areas like plants and factories. With onsite hardware, you will have a reliable in-house phone system that’s familiar and proven.  Besides, you’re already invested significantly in that hardware and it may not be fully depreciated at this point.

A complete pivot to the cloud can seem like a major undertaking for so many locations, teams and departments. If your communication system is working, why bother making a change?

The Pros of the Cloud 

Cloud communications have a lot to offer manufacturers. First, the cloud allows for easy integration with various apps so you can improve operation speed and efficiency. Further, the cloud reduces IT costs for hardware maintenance, allowing you to reallocate your budget elsewhere. Data and analytics are another powerful cloud feature that impacts performance and ROI.

Finally, a cloud-based system offers easy communication via phone calls, video conferencing, messaging and more, from anywhere with an internet connection. Your customers and employees can depend on reliable communication, no matter where they are around the globe.

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The On-Premise and Cloud Hybrid Model

While there are cases to make for each telecom strategy, manufacturers should consider implementing a combination of both cloud and on-premise systems to achieve optimal communication throughout their organization. Here are a few benefits to a hybrid strategy for manufacturers.

  • Keep the familiarity of your on-premise system but expand your capabilities with the cloud. Your onsite team will appreciate having their tried-and-true PBX in place. However, with the cloud, you’ll expand communication through additional channels like video and messaging. Your workforce will be able to keep in touch across multiple sites through one cloud platform. 

  • A cloud contact center can provide your customers with an omnichannel experience when they call for support and dozens of features that are not typically available with on-premise.  This is an excellent entry point to a hybrid cloud solution since it gives your agents the tools they need to take better care of your customer base. 

  • Your operations improve while you save money. By supplementing your on-premise PBX with the cloud, you will mitigate business disruption risks by enhancing your communication options. If the power goes out at one plant, your employees can still reach other sites and customers if necessary through a fiber internet connection. Having trouble with the internet one day? Lean on your on-premise hardware to keep communication lines open.

  • By introducing cloud communication, you won’t need to spend as much money on IT or onsite maintenance. Plus, cloud reporting and analytics will help you optimize your teams’ performance.  A hybrid deployment offers numerous cost-saving elements on top of enhanced stability and features.

  • Roll out modern tech at a pace that works for you. Manufacturers face significant cost challenges involving many locations and decision-makers. Phasing in more current technology like the cloud while still taking advantage of your on-premise PBX will help you move forward in a way that makes sense for your business budget and comfort level.

Got Questions About Hybrid Communications and Manufacturing?

Converged Technology Professionals have the expertise to help your manufacturing enterprise transition to a hybrid PBX office or contact center solution. As a Mitel Platinum Partner and a RingCentral Premier Partner, we work with several of the nation’s top communications providers to help guide you to your ideal communications environment. Let us answer your hybrid PBX questions and help you develop a path to cloud.

If you have any questions about hybrid communications, contact us today. If you would rather reach out via phone, call us at 877-328-7767.

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Why Manufacturers Are Moving to Hybrid Communications

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