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How Moving to the Cloud Can Empower Your Contact Center Workforce

How Moving to the Cloud Can Empower Your Contact Center Workforce


Contact centers have the highest average voluntary turnover rate of any industry. The Human Resource Institute reports that the average expense to replace a frontline employee is $10-15k. So how do you empower your workforce, especially when you don't see your employees face-to-face?

Build an environment that fosters empowerment while giving your employees the tools they need to do their jobs better. Let them know that wherever they work, they're a valuable part of your team.

To do that, you'll need a unified approach.

Unify Your Communications Using a Cloud Platform

By now, you probably have heard about unified communications (UC). Simply put, UC means the channels your organization uses to communicate work together and share information.

Here are some of the many advantages of a cloud-based UC (UCaaS) solution:

· No on-site maintenance or storage

· Your provider handles security and functionality updates

· Easily activate and deactivate users from one application

· Sustainable for varied work scenarios

· Quickly scalable depending on business needs

· Cost-effective utilizing software-based implementation

While a UC platform is advantageous from a business operations standpoint, it's also highly beneficial for your team, giving them the ability to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities in or out of the office.

Engagement Improves with Cloud Contact Center

Typically, companies whose employees feel engaged correlate to those that also rank high in empowerment. With many contact center agents working fully remote or on a hybrid basis— alternating workdays from their home and office—ensuring a seamless experience for all employees will help keep them connected and happier in their positions.

Cloud contact center platforms from RingCentral or 8X8 are part of a UC suite of products. A cloud contact center solution can help improve morale because they give your agents the tools they need to be more productive and efficient, leading to lower frustration and higher job satisfaction.

Want to move your contact center to the cloud?

Here's how:

Flexible Mobility

Your customer service representatives have access to voice, video, messaging, chat, social and more off of one application from any device connected to the internet. Whether they're at home, the office, or on the road, they'll be able to work from anywhere while staying connected.

Guess-free Contacts

Agents benefit from customer demographic information available before answering a call, enabling them to personalize the experience by addressing the customer by name without asking for it. They'll also be privy to customer histories so that they can see past interactions, purchases, and possible issues regardless of the initial contact channel.

Intelligent Routing

Angry, frustrated customers lead to overworked, burned-out agents. With skills-based routing, instead of landing with the next available agent, customers are directed to the best-suited agent for their situation. As a result, first contact resolutions rise, leading to lower hold times while boosting efficiency and productivity.

Self-service Automations

Enhanced menu options give customers the choice of handling some services, like payments, themselves without having to be in touch with a human agent. Chatbots and virtual hold also contribute to the self-service arena, ultimately leaving agents with specialized skillsets available to handle more complex issues with increased expediency.

Real-time Resources and Collaboration

Cloud contact center systems give call center agents access to real-time resources. Whether they require assistance from a supervisor or a peer or need a document from a file shared last week, these aids are readily available through the integrated platform. That means agents can solve issues easier, faster, and with more confidence.

Empowering Supervisor Feedback

Your agents don't want to feel like they're on a deserted island, especially if they work off-site. Cloud contact center software gives your management the tools they need to stay in contact with all agents, no matter if they're at home or in the office. Supervisors can see what's happening in real-time and offer coaching, feedback, or assistance as needed, so they don't have to be face-to-face to foster a beneficial working relationship.

Here are some of the supervisory tools and analytics available so managers can help empower their workforce:

· Use screen recording to provide tips on how best to navigate the platform.

· Use call recording to listen to agent calls and provide coaching for optimized performance.

· Provide comments on new agent or challenging calls in real-time with dual listening.

· Silent monitoring allows you to whisper solutions or break into a call and take over if an agent is struggling.

Giving your workforce the leverage they need to build competency, allows agents access to tools that help them do their jobs more efficiently. Couple that with a management team who empowers their workforce, and you've got a recipe for enhanced job satisfaction and agent longevity.

Our consultants can help assess your needs and prepare a cloud contact center demo from one of the Magic Quadrant Leaders. Contact us to learn more about a cloud contact center for your business today.

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How Moving to the Cloud Can Empower Your Contact Center Workforce

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