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The Top RingCentral Features Driving Growth for Sales Teams

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The pandemic has driven the evolution of sales from in-person to virtual interactions through channels like voice, video, and SMS. As a result, sales reps have spent more and more of their day on the phone and on video calls, instead of out in the field. 

However, something unexpected happened when we learned many customers prefer interacting digitally. That surprising trend has ushered in a whole new era of sales and opportunities, especially within organizations embracing UCaaS and modern cloud contact centers

What are the key UC features necessary to drive sales growth? Here are a few of the more important ones to pay attention to: 

1. CRM Integrations and Calling Campaigns 

Your customer relationship management system (CRM) is the single source of data for deals and prospect information. Through integration with your phone system, the CRM can help direct sales reps on who to call and when.  

Strategically segmenting prospects in the CRM by the most relevant criteria such as geographic location or lead score, gives reps the ability to organize outreach campaigns from the top down.   

For example, RingCentral’s integration with your CRM maintains an activity timeline which prompts sales reps with a structured campaign of set touchpoints such as calls, emails, and voicemails. It then records activities with notes from those tasks included as each activity is completed.   

This controlled cadence helps reps stay consistent and organized with a sequence of deliberate communications across various channels, leading to higher contact and conversion rates. It also provides management with more accurate data in sales reporting.  

2. Click-to-Dial 

With Click-to-Dial, a sales rep can dial directly out of the CRM by clicking on a phone number or call icon. Clicking instead of manually entering phone numbers is a huge time saver and facilitates the rep to call more prospects each day.  

Click-to-call also helps sales reps stay organized as they only have one app to work in to make calls. On the surface, these may seem to be small wins, but these incremental improvements add up over time, helping each rep to reach dozens of extra prospects per week and hundreds per month. 

3. Call Recordings 

Recording calls helps sales reps and management glean insights from interactions and provides a baseline to structure future training, giving them the opportunity to gain a huge advantage, especially when combined with AI-enabled technologies.  

For instance, Balto, who provides real-time guidance during live calls, can help your team replicate a winning approach while minimizing missed opportunities. And the understanding gleaned from AI-specific data on sales performance allows management to gauge training needs. 

With call recording as a long-term strategy, your brand will ultimately benefit from higher conversion rates through the entire sales funnel.  

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4. Local Outbound Caller IDs / International Numbers 

When your phone rings and you see it is from an unknown area code, how often do you pick up the call? According to a recent telecommunications study, local area codes have a conversion rate 4x higher than toll-free or unknown area codes. Call solutions that allow reps to choose local numbers give them a distinct advantage over traditional calling methods. 

This strategy also works in reverse for inbound leads and calls; prospects are more likely to dial a listed number if that number is local to them.  

5. Live Call Monitoring 

Many call center managers like to listen to calls in real-time, helping supervisors to guide new reps during training sessions and allowing managers to quickly jump in and rescue a crucial conversation if the call starts heading down the wrong track. While this feature used to be reserved strictly for traditional call center environments, companies are extending it across all facets of their organization for higher efficiency, including sales. 

It is important to point out that the contact center no longer revolves around just sales or customer service as it has become a vital everyday tool in customer engagement and customer experiences. If you’ve thought about stepping up from your legacy Mitel ECC or other premise-based contact center, our team would love to guide you. 

6. Call Transfers, Call Flip, Call Forwarding, and Routing 

Customer calls occasionally require bringing another sales rep, supervisor, or solution expert into the conversation. Instead of needing that person physically at your workstation or on-site, calls can be seamlessly transferred to another person anywhere in the world. 

Modern call routing is also essential for the way modern sales reps perform their daily duties. With a cloud extension and any digital device, your work phone travels with you wherever you go. 

7. Call Logging 

Automated call logs are a benchmark for digital phone solutions. They automatically log call times, call duration, and customer contact info in an activity timeline, regardless of who in the organization interacts with the customer. Call logs also include a place for relevant notes from each call and activity.  

This data is key for measuring deal progress, recording prospects insights, and tracking all touchpoints across accounts. 

8. Call Analytics and Reports 

We’ve touched on many data points throughout this article, each giving slight advantages in real-time to elevate the customer experience. Call analytics and reporting brings all that raw data together to provide actionable insights that can be applied across your marketing and sales channels. 

If you are looking to explore how modern UCaaS and contact centers can accelerate remote and digital sales growth, contact Converged Technology Professionals today to learn more.  

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