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What is the Mitel Revolution Mass Notification System?

Jun 24, 2019


Swami Tech Talk Series

This post is provided by Eric Collins, UC Solutions Expert


There is a product that is receiving the Mitel logo on it, Mitel Revolution.  An advanced notification system that integrates with the Mitel phone systems, including Mitel MiVoice Connect.

Mitel Revolution Mass Notification

What does Mitel’s Revolution Mass Notification System actually allow you to do?  

Allow advanced paging? Monitor 911 calls? The answer is YES and MORE.

First, What is a Notification?

The notification is what the user sees or hears when the Mitel mass notification application (called Mitel Revolution) sends off a notification alert to an endpoint. 

This could range from live audio, stored messages, music, all the way to aforementioned weather alerts being read aloud.

Where can the Mitel emergency notifications be delivered?

Mitel Revolution can deliver messages to phones, emails, IP speakers, message boards, or even make a strobe light…. erm… light up?  There are so many levels of customization to the Mitel Revolution system.

And of course, you can send a live page as you normally would or you could record your message and then send it on its way. 

The concept is simple.  

Different Ways to Send Notifications

There is a trigger(activator) and an action(notifier).  

The trigger can be an extension you dial, a particular time, someone dialing 911, weather alert for your area, etc.

Here’s a sampling of how Mitel Revolution Emergency Notification solution can send notifications in the following ways:

  • text to the desk phones
  • audio and text to the phones
  • text and have the phone read that text aloud
  • send a picture (within parameters, of course)

This component can push weather alerts, amber alerts, and even do scheduled notifications.

An admin can dial a phone number to cause a trigger or even use the mobile application to trigger a notification.

That's right, you can send an alert through the Revolution Mobile app even when you're not on site.

So if there's an emergency and you need the facility to be evacuated you can easily trigger the evacuation procedure with a few presses of your phone. Even if you don't have the app, a phone number could be setup that you can dial to trigger an alert. 


What Phones are Compatible with Mitel Revolution?

Mitel 400s, 560s, and 265 phones are compatible with Revolution. Analog phones can also receive notifications(and with possibly additional configurations) but are limited to audio messages. 

There are various IP speakers and some with LED displays that are compatible to the Revolution.  Emails can be sent through this.

You can even have the system call cell phones to give alerts. With some integration with additional services (Twilio or Clickatell) you can even send text messages to mobile devices on a large scale. 

So many examples I could provide but I'm running out of writing space so I'll provide short samples. 

  • scheduled school bell
  • lunch break
  • weather alert
  • injury and medic summon
  • biohazard cleanup
  • evacuation
  • cancel evacuation
  • lockdown alert
  • silent alert

So as you can see there are many possibilities with the Mitel Revolution notification solution.

Contact one of our sales specialists and we can provide you with more details about this service.  

Be awesome. Stay awesome. 


If you're considering a new unified communications solution that addresses the needs of mass notification communications, we'd love to show a demo of the Mitel solution.  Contact us today.


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